DEF is a family; once a part of DEF, always a part of DEF.  Relationships don’t have an expiry date. They evolve with time, with more knowledge, experience, insights and wisdom. So once you have become a part of our journey, we will go along in life together by enriching each other in more ways than one.

To perpetuate this vision, DEF has launched its Alumini Programme. All our former employees, interns, freelancers, consultants, friends, well-wishers, partners who have been a part of the DEF family at some stage, for however long or short a time; and contributed towards building our vision through struggles and tribulations; failed with us and risen again; added value and participated in our growth; are invited to join DEF’s Alumini Programme.

The Alumini Programme aims to reinforce the strong bond we share as a family. The aim is to keep in touch and find ways to engage and share ideas for mutual enrichment and growth. Being a part of our Alumni Network provides access to the ever growing DEF’s network of partners, collaborators, consultants and a wide range of other benefits such as:

  • Networking with eminent personalities from the development industry
  • Professional advice/guidance/recommendations/endorsements
  • Employment/consultancy/freelance opportunities
  • Access to exhilarating and thought provoking events and conferences
  • Offers on sale of rural products like handloom, pure honey, organic fruits and vegetables, pickles, etc.

DEF Alumni Programme helps you to build a lifelong relationship with the organisation. Once you enroll for the programme, you will receive regular updates about our latest projects and activities as well as about alumni news and events.

You may gain from us as much as we may gain from you. So let’s build our DEF family till it turns into a community; community turns into a society; and society turns into a nation. So what are you waiting for? Complete this form and set yourself on the course to a long and enriching relationship.

For more information, please mail us at