Vol 2 Issue 8 | August 2013
The mBillionth Award 2013, showcasing leaders representing every field of mobile space, in a way, achieved what South Asia could not when it was most needed: The power of innovations was only matched by the profusion of ideas. In policymakers, the arguments of N Ravi Shankar, Administrator, USOF & MD, BBNL who has made broadband development a visionary idea for Indian rural areas, and Tomi T. Ahonen, a public intellectual, motivational speaker who dared to defy the stereotype. Read More
ZipDial mobile marketing and Analytics Platform : ZipDial is a marketing and analytics platform for mobile marketing via missed calls. Brand managers use it to drive exceptionally higher ... Read more
SEWA-SBi Financial inclusion Programme : The SEWA-SBI Financial Inclusion Programme generates livelihood, imparts financial literacy and ensures a better future for its customers in remote, ... Read more
Adivasi tea leaf marketing (Atlm) paperlessworkflow : Adivasi Tea Leaf Marketing (ATLM) programme in Tamil Nadu enables Adivasi tea growers to market their produce at fair prices... Read more
Paytm (Special Mention) : Paytm is a utility website and cross-platform mobile app that provides recharge and bill payment services for mobile, data card and DTH along with a bus-ticket- booking... Read more
My IndiEye GPS Video tour : My IndiEye is a smartphone and GPS-guided video-tour application that uses stimulating visuals, narratives and animations blended with the sounds of the ancient past. It uses audio and video medium with contextual relevance. It is also considered more inclusive for the hearing and visually impaired. Tourists would know what they needed to see, where they would need to go and how they could reach there.... Read more
CATapp : CATapp is a mobile application that brings 16 original CAT (Common Admission Test) papers on a mobile app. It is available on Android, iOS, Symbian, and JAVA. The current user base is more ... Read more
ChalaSkul Ku Jiba (let us go to school) : Chala Skul Ku Jiba (Let us go to school) is an initiative of Radio Namaskar to return all students to school. This initiative aims to mobilize all dropout students ... Read more
Result via SmS [Nepal] : Sparrow SMS is the utilisation of SMS technology that facilitates students in obtaining their results with ease, on mobile. The service doesn’t require any preinstallation or registration... Read more
Career Counseling : This SmS based m-Education service platform enables Airtel mobile customers across the country to easily access a host of education services including courses for language skills, entrance exam preparation and career counseling from the best of universities and professors in the country with just a few clicks on their mobile phones... Read more
Sounds of Silence – Unleash the power ofWords Sounds of Silence (SoS) began with the idea of giving mobile phones to hearing impaired/speech-impaired children. It enables them to communicate with the outer world. This is done through the use of mobile phones, 3G Skype and SMS technology. SOS empowers 500+ such children. This mobile based service... Read more
comix on-the-go [India] : The coMix-on-the-go is a mobile-based comic application that has been specially designed to capture the essence of comic reading. It can be downloaded from ... Read more
ZengatV [India] : It is a mobile TV app that enables one to keep in touch with Indian television video content. Zenga TV is an ad-supported mobile and web-streaming platform, which enables... Read more
nexGtv [India] : The nexGTv is a mobile app that brings the entire television on your mobile if you have GPRS or 3G connections. nexGTv offers more than 100 popular live channels at a click of a button, regardless of time and location... Read more
Peer Water Exchange – SmS Reporting [India] : Peer Water Exchange is primarily a web based mapping and aggregation tool for water related projects. The PWX is designed to tackle... Read more
Wild india : Wild India is a mobile app that has details of 47 national parks of India. The app covers places including Corbett National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Kaziranga National Park, .. Read more
LooRewards : User membership and Usage is managed using the looRewards app that is installed on toilet operator’s tablet. toilet users become members of looRewards platform at their nearest community toilet... Read more
Silent observer : Silent Observer is SMS-based project that is focused on the social problem of female foeticide in India. The device ‘Silent Observer’ (SIOB) also provides law-enforcing... Read more
Mobile Seva : Department of Electronics & it (Deity), Government of india, has launched mobile Seva, a countrywide initiative on mobile governance to provide public services to the citizens ... Read more
JGJ-(JagoGrahakJago) : VoiCE/NCH is working for consumer education and empowerment. it has been advising consumers in how to get redressal for their complaints against faulty ... Read more
REDBUS.IN, PILANI SOFT LABS PVT. LTD. : RedBus.in started online ticketing for bus journey through website. Gradually the customers got possibility to have RedBus.in mobile app using... Read more
OLACABS : OlaCabs is a supplier of car rentals and point-to-point cab services in India. It aims to leverage technology to bring about efficiency and a seamless customer experience to the car rental ... Read more
SMARTSHEHAR: SmartShehar, in association with MESN (Mumbai Environmental Social Network), is a social enterprise that has been building smartphone mobile applications... Read more
Healthkart Plus : HealthKart Plus is a web, mobile and SMS application that discovers cost-effective generic drugs that could substitute prescription medicine. It is a medicinal database... Read more
mobile based Surveillance Quest using it(moSQuit) : The malaria Disease Surveillance using mobile platform (moSQuit) is a platform that enables malaria incidence related data-collection,... Read more
Nokia life and Arogya World: mobile Diabetesawareness program : As part of mDiabetes, alerts have been sent in 12 regional languages, informing Nokia mobile... Read more
friends2support.org : Friends2Support is blood donation agency in india, with more than 90,000 people voluntarily registered as blood donors. it launched the Android App... Read more
Jharkhand mobile Vaani : Jharkhand Mobile Vaani is a citizen radio-over-phone platform that currently gets participation from nearly all districts in Jharkhand. The platform also provides a unique ... Read more
Peacock Browser for Android Devices : Peacock Browser for Android is the browser supporting for indian languages. This browser also provides one click access to websites... Read more
Saral Rozgar : VAS provider Canvasm and the JV company of tech mahindra has launched Saral Rozgar, a service that intends to connect Blue-collar workers including part time, industrial workers... Read more
LaborVoices : LaborVoices is a mobile-phone based portal turning worker feedback into labor-market intelligence. This crowdsourced supply-chain intelligence solves two big... Read more
AppWrapper : The AppWrapper helps advertisers in emerging markets to adopt mobile advertising as a critical tool that is part of their overall brand campaign. Combining ads with Micro... Read more
GrameenphoneHysawa [Bangladesh] : Grameenphone Hysawa is an SMS-based solution through which, if a tubewell was to get non-functional, the caretaker would send an SMS to 2765. This SMS would go to HYSAWA Head Office... Read more
India Against Spam : If you are using Android phone, you just have to click one button and complaint will be registered automatically. this is possible because of application india Against Spam ... Read more
IVR Junction : IVR Junction provides non-Internet based social media possibility on vouce. Even people with cheap cell phones, no literacy and without any training can now be part.... Read more
Alive : Alive is a mobile-augmented reality software that allows readers of a newspaper to interact using editorials, images, text, symbol and get access to rich media content, such as videos... Read more
Samudaay Vaani : The Samudaay Vaani or Community Web is a mobile app that makes audio-based web services accessible to the masses, who may not own smartphones. Read more
NewsHunt : NewsHunt is an online all-languages newspaper mobile app. It has a monthly active user-base of 25 million, who consume more than half a billion page-views, each month. Read more
Bangi News : Bangi News is a mobile app that allows the reader to read all major Bangla and English newspapers, blogs and magazines from Bangladesh as well as from Indian news sources. Read more
MY BABY DIARY : My Baby Diary is a mobile application to help mothers on the go. Through this app, mothers could easily get substantial information about baby care – right from the pre-natal... Read more
MOBILE KUNJI AND MOBILE ACADEMY : Mobile Kunji is an audiovisual job aid for community health workers to use during their visits to families. Mobile Kunji and Academy are accessible... Read more
FIGHT BACK : FightBack is a mobile application that facilitates women’s safety. When the application is launched on a mobile, it starts tracking user-location via GPS and updates it to the backend ... Read more
APONJON (THE DEAR ONE) : In Bangladesh, Aponjon is an mHealth initiative for the reduction in maternal and neonatal mortality by improving health-seeking and preventative behaviours... Read more
HELPLS, VARSHYL TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. : HelPls is an emergency alert system. HelPls sends an SMS to friends and family alerting them in times of trouble. HelPls contacts the emergency contact number or Police (#100) by making a call automatically through a mobile phone. This application can be downloaded on iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems at no cost, as a social initiative. Helpls from Varshyl mobile technologies is an app to give tool to fight back without internet connection. Read more
Infiniti Data Initiative, Ashoka-Innovators for the Public: Infiniti Data Initiative is a mobile application developed by Ashoka Innovators for the Public that ensures fidelity at the point of data... Read more
KissanVani, Sironj: Community Radio Station : Kissan Vani in Sironj in Madhya Pradesh is a Community FM Radio by The Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP) who uses ... Read more
Adivasi Tea Leaf Marketing paperless workflow, ACCORD : Adivasi Tea Leaf Marketing (ATLM) programme in Tamil Nadu enables Adivasi tea growers to market their produce at fair prices with the help of a mobile app. ATLM is a working group within a parent tribal organization called AMS – Adivasi Munnetra Sangam. Working for tribal rights and livelihood, ATLM has developed a entire supply chain and integrated them with Mobile app to monitor and manage tea produce.... Read more
Energized Classroom Delivery through Nokia Mobile Learning: NIIT Foundation : NIIT Foundation has been making effective use of Nokia Mobile Learning Applications among the underprivileged ... Read more
Educational Mobile Applications : Educational Mobile Application addresses three major areas of rural youth empowerment: they are ICT-led career counseling in regional languages, Science ... Read more
RTI On Wheels : The RTI on Wheels is a mobile legal clinic launched in 2008, by Mahiti Adhikar Gujarat Pahel (MAGP). The RTI on Wheels is a van consisting of a small library with pamphlets... Read more
ChaloBEST : ChaloBEST aims to reach users of public transportation in Mumbai as well as in other Indian cities with relevant and customised information for efficient and economical local travel. Read more
Mobile Application for Anganwadis (MAA) : Mobile Application for Anganwadis is a low-cost, scalable and replicable, no-capital-expenditure (CAPEX) mobile application. It empowers the Anganwadi ... Read more
Swara Platform and Network Swara IVR : Swara is a mobile and telecom enabled technology platform that provides real-time feedback from the grassroots workers regarding administrative... Read more
Women Mobile Lifeline Channel : TThe Women Mobile Lifeline Channel is an integrated mobile channel that provides valuable services to women, for their immediate needs. This works... Read more
mDiabetes – Diabetes Prevention with mHealth : Arogya World’s mDiabetes is a diabetes prevention mobile-health (mHealth) initiative, being implemented in association with Nokia. Read more
Mobile Academy and Mobile Kunji: Harnessing Mobile Phones for Community Health Workers : Mobile Kunji is an audiovisual job aid for community health workers to use during their visits to families.. Read more
Swasthya Slate : The Swasthya Slate is a small (3.5 inch) box that connects via Bluetooth to a 16 GB Android tablet already equipped with the Swasthya application. All captured... Read more
BridgeIT India : BridgeIT India uses a standard mobile phone to improve the quality of teaching. The project is a partnership between Indian schools, NOKIA, The Pearson Foundation, and EZ Vidya. Read more
“Chala Skul Ku Jiba” (Let us go to School) : “Chala Skul Ku Jiba” (Let us go to school) is an initiative of Radio Namaskar, a community radio FM station. The project, initiated in 4 blocks... Read more
E-Mamta – Mother & Child Tracking System (MCTS) : Reduction of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) are important public health challenges. Tracking of pregnant.... Read more
CommCare : CommCare is a job aid tool. This application contains mobile illustrations and audio messages covering need-to-know topics in antenatal care which an ASHA/ Sahiya can use ... Read more
Kisan Sanchar : Kisan Sanchar is an interactive platform for scientists, agricultural experts, institutions for sharing their technology and knowledge with the registered subscribers i.e. farmers... Read more
mDiabetes : mDiabetes was launched by Arogya World in partnership with Nokia Life across India in January 2012. The objective of this initiative was to disseminate vital information... Read more
IVRS – Daily Monitoring System of Mid-Day Meal Scheme : The IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) based Daily Monitoring System (DMS) of the Mid-Day Meal Scheme is an initiative of... Read more
Mobile Kunji : The community health worker is crucial human resource to promote maternal health and reduce maternal and infant mortality in a state like Bihar in India. The basic problems faced... Read more
MHSM SMS Toolkit : The project Maternal Health Services on Mobile (SMS Toolkit) – MHSM, aims at providing critical Reproductive and Child Health related information services to the pregnant and ... Read more
Nano Ganesh : Nano Ganesh, launched in 2008, is a mobile-based wireless remote control and alarm system for the water pumps, appropriately designed taking into consideration... Read more
HealthPhone : Health Phone was launched by the Mother and Child Health and Education Trust, a not-for-profit initiative. It provides families with their own personal reference library... Read more
‘Hello Sakhi’ : The project “Hello Sakhi” (Hello Friend) is a helpline, situated at the women police station in Bhuj city of Kutch district in Gujarat. The helpline has been initiated as a joint effort... Read more
Social & Behavioural change : India has more than 850 million mobile subscriptions. This is up from 300 million in 2002 and it is expected to reach 1.35 billion subscribers by 2016 1. The mobile penetration rate2 is 51 % and there is room for further growth. The reach of mobiles has been almost universal and inclusive covering the BoP segment as well. The wave of liberalisation and privatization of the telecom sector since 1990s has transformed the mobile communication scenario. Competition among mobile operators has resulted in the rapid extension of mobile networks, falling prices of services and mobile devices, more of innovative services and overall access and connectivity expansion. The social and development impact has seen transformation. There is rising demand for communication network, access and services, especially in rural India.... Read more
Making the most of mobiles : The Telecom Commission plans to use Rs.3,000 crore from the Universal Service Obligation ... Read more
Mobiles for social change :Not many of us are aware of the role that mobile phones can play to trigger social... Read more
Connecting communities across India using a mobile app :angalore: In early 2012, two communications researchers from ... Read more
A single stop shop for streaming live television on mobile phones :New Delhi: As the use of smartphones... Read more
सामाजिक बदलाव में मोबाइल का साथ : हममें से ज्यादातर लोग सामाजिक बदलाव में मोबाइल की भूमिका को लेकर सजग नहीं हैं। चलिए कुछ उदाहरणों पर गौर करते हैं। बिहार में अनन्या कार्यक्रम के तहत आठ जिलों में ‘मोबाइल कुंजी’ के इस्तेमाल का अनूठा प्रयोग किया गया है। यह पहल बिहार में बेहतर स्वास्थ्य सेवाएं मुहैया कराने ... Read more
कालबेलिया जनजाति आज भी किसी जादू के इंतजार में : वैसे तो घुमंतू संपेरा जनजाति और पंचसितारा होटल का कोई रिश्ता तो नहीं, लेकिन 18 जुलाई की शाम एमबिलियंथ अवॉर्ड्स समारोह के दौरान दिल्ली के एक पंचसितारा होटल में जिसतरह इस जनजाति ने कालबेलिया नृत्य के जरिए शमां बांधा उसे देखने वाले भौंचक्के रह गए।...Read more
ग्रामीण पर्यटन को नई सोच और तकनीक की जरूरत : अबतक लोगों को किसी चीज की खबर जानने के लिए टीवी, पत्रिका, अखबार, रेडियो या इंटरनेट का सहारा लेना पड़ता था। लेकिन, अब ऐसा नहीं है, समय के साथ-साथ अब धीरे-धीरे सब कुछ बदलने लगा है। सूचना, समाचार हो या विज्ञापन सबकी खबर अब मोबाइल देने लगा है।...Read more
सशक्त नारी से ही बनेगा सशक्त समाज : आज के माहौल में महिला सशक्तिकरण की बात करने से पहले हमें इस सवाल का जवाब ढूंढना जरूरी है कि क्या वास्तव में महिलायें अशक्त हैं ? कहीं ऐसा तो नहीं कि अनजाने में या स्वार्थ के लिए उन्हें किसी साजिश के तहत कमजोर दिखाने की कोशिश हो रही है?...Read more
Hello Sakhi : Helpline that addresses security issues for women : Hello Sakhi, since march 2010, is a unique collaboration between Kutch mahila vikash Sangathan (KmvS) and Kutch police... Read more
mahila Shakti: to empower the rural women through education initiatives : mahila Shakti since october, 2010 is a concept of Hwa (Human welfare association) and the organization has started... Read more
Leveraging mobile Phone for Promotion of Social entrepreneurship,enhancing Livelihood opportunities and empowerment of Poor womenn : The project is the brainchild of vidiyal, an active... Read more
ASHa: Cashless & Paperless payments using mobile money transfer system : ASHa – Cashless and paperless payments using mobile money transfer System is an initiative to ensure ... Read more
mFoods : Project mFoods is to ensure timely supply of fortified nutritious food to children and women in the state of andhra Pradesh efficiently and effectively. it is estimatedthat about 47% of children .... Read more
Maternal Health Services on mobile (SmS toolkit) : It is an initiative since october 2009, to circulate vital information regarding Reproductive and Child Health related information services directly... Read more
Empowerment of 25,000 rural women through mobile phones and tilonia Community Radio : The Barefoot College is a 40 year old nGo that provides basic services and solutions... Read more
Integrated mFi-Life Line mobile Platform – Providing Financial and non-Financial (Life-Line) Services to women : Integrated mFi-LifeLine mobile Platform – is an effort by ZmQ, a technology for ... Read more
Sewa Bharat Business Correspondent in Uttrakhand: Financial inclusion in the hills : Sewa Bharat Business Correspondent (BC) in Uttrakhand – ‘Financial inclusion in the hills’ is... Read more
CommCare : CommCare is a project initiated by neeDS for the application of multimedia capabilities of common phones to deliver educational and health care information to anyone,... Read more
Evaluation of the effectiveness of cell phone technology as community based intervention to improve exclusive breast feeding & reduce infant morbidity rates : The main objective... Read more
mDhil: SmS and mobile video for women’s Health : Project mDhil works towards creating and distributing original health information in india using mobile phones. Project was conceived... Read more
Mohammad Choudhary | PWC India : I have been saying on occasion for the two years i have been living here that india can’t innovate. My theory that india’s telecom industry can process-replicate... Read more
Milind Pathak | Global Head (New Business) at One97 : Two days of the Jury Process in Bulandsheher was focused on Sustainable mobile inclusion, with cases being discussed, on VAS / mCommerce... Read more
Indumini Kodikara | Project Manager at ICT Agency of Sri Lanka : Indumini Kodikara | Project Manager at ICT Agency of Sri Lanka The mobile revolution is happening at a rapid speed. Read more
Madanmohan Rao | Research Director at YourStory.in : The important role of mobile start-ups in accelerating the adoption of ICTs for all sectors of society is being acknowledged... Read more
Amir Ullah Khan | Development Economist and President at Glocal University : What makes for a good jury? This has been a question that has forever been asked in the legal profession.... Read more
Sushil Pandey | ICT Practitioner at ICIMOD in Nepal : I had the pleasure to be part of the grand jury team of the 2013 mBillionth Award. I was also there in last year’s jury. Again, it was inspiring... Read more
Tweet for free on Vodafone network for 3 months : Mumbai: As part of its initiative to drive mobile internet adoption in the country, telecom giant Vodafone today partnered with Twitter to offer subscribers free access to the microblogging website for three months ...Read more
Half of Internet users want a social media vacation : New York: More than 50 per cent of Internet users, suffering from social media overload, have either taken or have considered taking a "vacation" from social networking, a new US study has found....Read more
The Fast Changing World of Information and Communications Technology : Mobile phones and the Internet are increasingly seen as essential requirements for the exchange of information. Data from World Development Indicators 2013 illustrates the dramatic ...Read more
The Arctic may soon get high-speed broadband : The Norwegian Space Center has teamed up with Telenor Satellite Broadcasting to assess the feasibility of a new satellite system covering northern areas...Read more
Will telecom minister Kapil Sibal support free broadband to all : I am requesting telecom minister Kapil Sibal to plan a broadband bill that could offer India’s needy population the right for getting free Internet and laptop in their homes. This should boost Congress-lead UPA’s chances... Read more
Idea launches Campus Card in the Delhi-NCR aimed at College Students : Idea Cellular has launched Campus Card in the Delhi & NCR region aimed at college students that offers talk time, data, SMS and discounted calling. This would let them stay in touch with .... Read more
No evidence that mobile towers affect people’s health: Kerala HC : Stating that whether the commissioning of a mobile telecommunication tower would affect the health of people of the area is an issue which is still being debated among the scientific communities globally ... Read more
Telecom tariff war shifts to data as smartphones surge : Bharti Airtel Ltd, Idea Cellular Ltd and Vodafone Group Plc have slashed fees for sending data by as much as 90% as mobile social networking and gaming surge. They are betting on cheaper rates to help add users in a market ... Read more
iTunes reaches one billion podcast subscribers :MUMBAI: California-based Apple announced that the amount of podcast subscribers within the iTunes store has reached a whopping one billion. The company stated from comedy to hard news to sports.... Read more
Telegrams STOP: End of service delivering joy and heartache : India's last telegram will be sent on Sunday night as the country's state-run telegraph service shuts down. It has been in decline for decades, but once touched the lives of millions of Indians every year, writes Geeta Pandey.... Read more
Is India about to gets its own PRISM? :The first new system is the Central Monitoring System (CMS) that will be used by tax authorities and the National Investigation Agency to track phone calls, texts and emails to fight terror related crimes.... Read more
Phones + Problems = Progress : I had the privilege and delight of being a juror at the Nokia ‘Do Good’ Hackathon in Bangalore this past Sunday, as part of the “Design and Develop for People and Planet” challenge. ...Read more
Delhi Transit Bus info Android app launched : DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd), a joint venture of Delhi government and IDFC Foundation, has launched an Android application which aims to make public transport a much smoother and reliable experience....Read more
Yahoo mobile Internet apps to focus on mobile phones users in India : In a bid to focus on rapidly increasing Internet users on mobile phones in India, Yahoo is focusing on developing applications for this growing market. Yahoo, which has its presence in almost all categories ... Read more
Why the price of mobile data in India is suddenly plummeting : Some of India’s leading telecom operators—Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, and Idea Cellular—recently slashed their mobile data rates by as much as 90%. Under the new schemes, customers can access the internet....Read more
Airtel mobile users can now access Gmail, Google+ at no data cost
NEW DELHI, JUNE 26: Airtel mobile customers will now be able access web search and feature-phone-friendly versions of Gmail and Google+ in India without paying for data services... Read more
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