Vol 2 Issue 9 | September 2013
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Manthan Award 2013 Edition
Manthan Award
Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) & .ORG in association with Vodafone present 10th Manthan South Asia & Asia Pacific Award. The big challenges are not technological but cultural. Since last 9 years, the Manthan Awards has been providing a platform of meaningful interaction to policy makers, practitioners, industry leaders and academicians to deliberate, interact and recommend an actionable strategy for good governance and to improve the standard of services rendered to the common man. For details, please visit ....manthanaward.org
INTEL - DEF FOLLOW THE FIBER IMPACT REPORT : "Follow the Fiber" Impact Report is an analysis of how digital literacy impacts the rural citizens if they are provided technology .... Read more
World Economic Forum: Technology Pioneers : New technologies and innovations are constantly changing and improving the way we do things and approach problems. Processes .... Read more
Mobile Peek
Mobilista Rockstars : Tomi Ahonen presents collection of 32 best thinkers in mobile, delivering 32 keynote addresses .... Read more
LooKeys application: Keys of the Future : India is a multilingual country with 18 formal languages. Those 18 .... Read more
ICT Book of the Month : India is a multilingual country with 18 formal languages. Those 18 languages use 10 different .... Read more
Film of the Month : These songs are not couched in abstract symbolism. For the large population of migrants from U.P. and Bihar .... Read more
Meet the mBillionth Winners
ZipDial Mobile Marketing and Analytics Platform : Simple interfaces like a missed call to ZipDial numbers, ensures interactions from 100 percent of the customers -smart or feature phone users, kids or adults, urban or rural dwellers. End users see the zipdial number in advertisements of brand, they dial (missed call) and receive SmS, iVR or other such engagements over mobile .... Read more
My IndiEye Travel Companions : My My IndiEye is a smartphone and GPS-guided video-tour application that uses stimulating visuals, narratives and animations blended with the sounds of the ancient past. It uses audio and video medium with contextual relevance. It is also considered more inclusive for the hearing and visually impaired. Tourists would know what they needed to see, where they would need to go and how they could reach there ....Read more
Recent activities
South Asia Summit on Social Media for Digital Empowerment : Digital Empowerment Foundation is organising a first of its kind of regional South Asia Summit on Social Media for Digital Empowerment to be held on September 19 and 20 ,2013 at The American ....Read more
eNGO Challenge South Asia 2013 : The eNGO Challenge aspires to create an ecosystem of NGOs who are using Information Communication Technology (ICT) and digital media tools for good governance practices benefiting societies ....Read more
Manthan Awards 2013: Celebrating 10 years of Digital Inclusion : Manthan Award is a well-established 10 year movement for ICT & Digital Inclusion. The mission is to create an information rich society where everyone, irrespective of caste, religion, race, region .... Read more
Manthan Award for Social Media and Empowerment in India : On the occasion of the 10th year celebrations of the Manthan Award 2013, the Manthan Award Secretariat has launched the "Manthan Award for Social Media and Empowerment .... Read more
12 Award Categories in Manthan 2013 Edition : There are 12 award categories presented at the Manthan South Asia and Asia Pacific Awards. The award categories reflect domain and target user of your organisations.Your submissions will be judged only against the judging criteria mentioned in the Guidelines .... Read more
Pearson Teaching Awards 2013 : Pearson has initiated the most prestigious award, the first of its kind in India to recognize excellent teachers from all over the country and highlight their contribution in nation building and helping make a better society through .... Read more
Osama's Column
Making the most of mobiles : The Telecom Commission plans to use Rs.3,000 crore from the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) to provide mobile connectivity to 56,000 villages identified as mobile and telecom shadow areas. While USOF does that, we .... Read more
केरल पर्यटन होने जा रहा हाईटेक : जिन वजहों से केरल आज दुनिया भर में पर्यटकों के आकर्षण का केन्द्र बना है, वो हैं : वहां का मौसम, समंदर का किनारा, बारिश, पानी से घीरे गांव, घने जंगल और चालीस से अधिक नदियाँ । इसके अलावा यहां की पंचकर्म चिकित्सा पद्धति और विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी की समृद्ध परंपरा भी .... Read more
देश को एक नहीं, अनेकों ‘ग्लोकल यूनिवर्सिटी’ की जरूरत : एक तरफ देश में जैसे जैसे चुनावी सरगर्मी तेज हो रही है उसी तरह केंद्र और राज्य सरकारें भी अपनी-अपनी उपलब्धियों के साथ-साथ मैदान में उतरने लगी हैं। इस दौड़ में दिल्ली सरकार भी पीछे नहीं है। राजधानी दिल्ली में चल रहे एफएम रोडियो पर विज्ञापन हो या .... Read more
प्राकृतिक संपदा संरक्षण के लिए आदिवासियों ने मोबाइल को बनाया हथियार : अगर कोई बच्चा पूंजीपति या उच्च जाति के परिवार में पैदा हो जाए तो वो पूंजीपति, राजनेता या फिर पत्रकार बन जाता है, राजस्थान, पंजाब में गरीब परिवार में पैदा होता है तो फौज में जाता है और वही एक बच्चा जब झारखंड, छत्तीसगढ़ के आदिवासी के घर में पैदा होता है तो वो जंगलों की खाक छानता है या फिर नौकरी की तलाश .... Read more
CMN: ALT Media Analysis
Lightness of Being : We are living in an era of great expectations but these expectations actually may be pretty conservative because of incremental improvements. Today’s south Asian .... Read more
The Big Problem is Silence : We have to shatter the oppressive structure of caste, class and religious patriarchy that sanctions the violent exploitation of women. Today’s South Asian .... Read more
The Agenda for Action : The last two decades of economic reforms have demonstrated that growth is a necessary but not sufficient condition for inclusive society...Read more
State of Pain : The stories of struggle seem to suggest that what we imagine, it must be implemented with much patience. Today’s south Asian alternative media are buzzing with mis-governance issues .... Read more
A Can-do Manifesto : Every citizen’s quest should be to create a better society, making sure even the most underprivileged don’t sleep on an empty stomach or enabling the state to be in touch with .... Read more
Lessons in Nation Building : The failed system has over the years disempowered the citizens by eroding their policy making space. Human Rights, Inequality and Governance issues get plenty of ....Read more
juror's column
Social enterprise concept is consolidating : At the 40th anniversary of mobile phone, one can just wonder: was it possible to think that mobile telephony would reach where it is today .... Read more
Mobile can change the way!!! : The mobile revolution is happening at a rapid speed. Different Mobile products change how people communicate and access Information; use it for .... Read more
The Diffusion of Online Marketing and Rural : Now, Rural India is selling cows, buffaloes on the internet. Black ‘Murrah’ buffalo with short and tightly curled horns for Rs.80,000 and herd of 10 ‘Holstein Friesians’ cows at Rs.6 lakh on the click of the mouse .... Read more
Trendnet ruling heralds crackdown on insecure home webcams : A company whose home cameras were hacked, causing privacy intrusions for hundreds of people, has been admonished by the US Federal Trade Commission .... Read more
Data for development: The new conflict resource? : Privacy International will soon be launching a research and advocacy project entitled Aiding Surveillance that will focus on the role of international development, humanitarian and funding .... Read more
Waiting for Inclusive Growth through Internet : Technological advancements and global telecommunication have greatly contributed to economic growth in the world over the past decades. However, not all regions, countries and people .... Read more
Mobile Monitoring of child's growth by having them weighed every month : Know the importance of growth monitoring and keeping a growth chart to monitor a child's growth and development. These videos focus on social and behaviour .... Read more
Ominous cybercrime law cleared by Bangladesh govt : The Bangladesh cabinet yesterday approved the draft of the ICT (Amendment) Ordinance-2013 proposing to empower law enforcers to arrest any person without warrant and increase .... Read more
Efforts to be scaled up on digital literacy : New Delhi: In a remote village of Tripura, Leisungak Halam, 33, secretary of a women’s self-help group, has found a new way to sell home-made pickles .... Read more
World Summit Youth Award 2013 : The competition was tough. In the sixth edition of the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) the quality of the submitted projects has brought the contest to a whole new level .... Read more
Intel launches Intel Learn Easy Steps app : New Delhi, Sept 5 (IBNS): Intel India on Thursday announced the expansion of its digital literacy efforts and launched an Android .... Read more
Jury Insight: “The gender gap remains a reality, as only 25% of the projects are posted by women” : The sixth edition of the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) has reported a 16 per cent increase .... Read more
News to know
Five sites that offer open textbooks to faculty and students
Whether it’s President Obama’s plan for rating colleges based on their affordability or the College Affordability and Transparency Center’s College Scorecard developed by the US Department of Education ....Read more
A Japanese Social App Contacts New Shores
TOKYO — Traditionally, Japanese bow when greeting others. They do not tend to shake hands. But millions of them have started shaking their smartphones ....Read more
Digital Indians: Five pioneers of technological innovation
And what does a young woman who created key features at the world's top social-networking company have in common with a man who's helping three million people find jobs - or with someone who's busy ....Read more
Spuul To Stream TV Episodes From 11 Star Plus Shows 30 Min After Broadcast
Mobile value added services company DigiVive has partnered with National Geographic Channel to stream its shows on nexGTv ....Read more
India's Internet user population is 73.9 million, 3rd largest in world NEW DELHI: India with 73.9 million Net users is the world's third largest Internet population, overtaking Japan but behind China and the US, according to research firm ComScore.... Read more
Reliance Communications and VSNL signed with #USA Govt.
EVEN as the storm set off by the whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s revelations about the United States’ elaborate electronic surveillance programme is raging, a set of documents accessed .... Read more
Welcome to the world of social media match fixing
About five years ago, when I started tweeting on the microblogging site Twitter, I found to my annoyance that there were “bots” that followed me. These are pieces of software that attach themselves to your .... Read more
Technology leaders launch partnership to make internet access available to all
"Everything Facebook has done has been about giving all people around the world the power to connect," Zuckerberg said. "There are huge .... Read more
Girls and Technology Can Change the World
“Girls programming isn’t just a cool thing; it’s also doubling the chances of developing innovative tools and making the world a better place for everyone.” These words are from my friend Julie, who has been working ....Read more
Africa 'leapfrogs' to wider internet access
Like any other TED Talk video online, Juliana Rotich's presentation on solving Africa's internet access problem with her organisation's latest product, the BRCK modem, aroused .... Read more
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with multi-functional S-Pen launched
Putting an end to the numerous rumours that we have encountered over the last few months, Samsung has finally launched the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at the second edition .... Read more
BlackBerry could become niche smartphone player, says director
BlackBerry could continue to operate as a niche maker of smartphones while other parts of the company are sold off, according to Bert Nordberg, former CEO of Sony Ericsson .... Read more
Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C launch rumoured on September 10
The next generation Apple iPhone 5S and affordable model iPhone 5C are expected to be announced on September 10. The Greek website TechManiacs reported, based .... Read more
Lumia smartphones script Nokia India mobile biz success
India has become one of top 3 Nokia Lumia smartphone markets in the world. This is a strong indication of a major revival in the Indian mobile phone market. Indian mobile phone industry is giving two .... Read more
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Nokia, Apple, Samsung
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has considered several facts before finalizing the $7.2 billion Nokia acquisition. The software giant wants to compete with Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone .... Read more
Barun Roy: A dangerous wasteland
The facts are now well established: electrical and electronic waste is currently the largest growing waste stream globally and China is now the world's biggest e-waste dumping ground. And a recent report .... Read more
Indian mobile internet users are young, affluent and app savvy: Report
A majority of the Mobile internet users in India belong to the Gen Z category (below 24 years), and almost half of the total is highly .... Read more
Facebook faces challenge on user base in India: Zuckerberg
The Facebook founder’s latest mission, internet.org, is to connect five billion people across the globe using the Internet. Presumable, a few 100 million of those will be in India, which Zuckerberg describes as .... Read more
Vanish from the Internet With This One-Stop Website
Even if you’re not Edward Snowden, there are times when excising your social media presence is necessary. Companies usually don’t make it easy, though, often hiding the delete button inside myriad confusing ....Read more
Zuckerberg's Internet.org aims to bring Web to the world
Mark Zuckerberg has formed a global partnership with a group of tech companies that aims to bring affordable Internet access to the world. The Facebook chief executive announced Tuesday that the ....Read more
"Celebrate Inclusion; Celebrate Life!
The all India one minute competition – 60 Seconds to Fame was introduced as part of ABILITYFEST to encourage deeper, creative thinking on disability issues. The competition, open to all Indian nationals, ... Read more
Vodafone mobile internet goes rural to educate school kids
Telecom operator Vodafone has kicked off a mobile internet awareness program for rural school children in Maharashtra, India. Gammat Jammat, a mobile Internet initiative from Vodafone India, is part ....Read more
Next 300 million won’t use English: Google’s Anandan
Google India managing director Rajan Anandan says the next phase of growth for the Internet in India will be driven by local-language content. He also spoke to us recently about the company’s role in India, and how .... Read more
इंटरनेट पर ‘तीसरे बड़े’ यूजर्स भारत के
इंटरनेट और डिजिटल जगत की जानकारियां जुटाने वाली संस्था कॉमस्कोर की ताज़ा रिपोर्ट के अनुसार अमरीका और चीन के बाद इंटरनेट पर सबसे ज्यादा यूज़र्स भारत के है रिपोर्ट के अनुसार जापान को पछाड़ते हुए तीसरे पायदान पर पहुंचे भारत .... Read more
China’s Xiaomi Launches Android Powered MIUI 5-inch MI3 Most Powerful Mobile Device
Chinese device maker Xiaomi has a habit of releasing high-end smartphones for mid-range prices. the company’s .... Read more
What Microsoft gets besides Nokia phone biz
The cheap price tag of $7.17 billion may have attracted Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to buy Nokia phone business. Besides, a lucrative smartphone patent portfolio which may be comparable ....Read more
TRAI to fine telecom companies Rs. 5000 for every unwanted call from marketing companies
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has mandated financial penalties fixed at Rs. 5000 per complaint .... Read more
Are you using the right data plan?
How do you use the Internet? Is it just for email and social networks, or do you like watching videos on YouTube, or catching up on live sports events, or gaming? If you’ve tried to use the Internet ... Read more
Phone lines of pesky callers to be cut
Acting strongly against the nuisance of pesky calls, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Thursday warned that phone connections of banks, insurance firms and real estate .... Read more
Apple Inc.'s next big thing may be lower-priced iPhone
Apple Inc.'s much-anticipated update to its line-up of iPhones may leave the impression that the technology pioneer's focus has shifted to making more affordable products than engineering .... Read more
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