Creating a riple effect of digital literacy among women

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have accelerated economic growth and propelled a wave of engagements that have touched human lives, changing the way communities interact, increasing opportunities for livelihood and crossing the barriers of inequitable growth. ICTs have taken up such pre-eminence in our everyday lives, that we now have access to a bank of knowledge & services at our fingertips. As a result, people in tune with ICTs are no longer isolated and are part of the fast changing global platform. However, there are still millions who are yet to gain access to the ICT platforms for knowl­edge and opportunities, especially the women. But at some extent, Helping Women Get Online (HWGO) had empowered thousands of rural women in the past.

Now, Internet Saathi, a joint initiative of Google and Tata Trust, is committed to increase interest and usage of the Internet among women in rural areas. The purpose of Internet Saathi is to reach as many rural women as possible in select Indian states with Internet literacy. DEF, the implementation partner of the project in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, is dedicated to training rural women in the user of Internet. These trained women will then train others like them, creating a ripple effect of basic digital literacy. Through its existing CIRCs and local partners, DEF has reached out to 20,51,456 benificiaries (women and girls) through 2,937 Internet Saathis in 10,662 villages.