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DEF is committed towards creating sustainable employment opportunities. Taking this forward, DEF, along with Pyar Trust and Equally Able Foundation’s support, started a multidimensional educational toolkit, aiming to transform the traditional methods of learning into experience based functional literacy through the pedagogy of discovery in order to build capacities of students towards the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The program is implemented in four locations in Delhi, Haryana and Pondicherry. Read More


Why social media wants you angry
In June 2019, during the first Parliament session after the BJP’s return to power at the Centre with an enhanced majority, Derek O’Brien of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) raised four questions in the Rajya Sabha that suggested that the saffron party had won the general election by “creating a culture of digital mobs, conditioning minds and spreading fake news”. In short, he alleged that the BJP’s victory was aided by social media manipulation. Read More
The Story Of Indian Migrant Workers Isn’t Over Yet
When the terrifying exodus of migrant workers spilled over from our busiest cities onto the web of highways that eventually led to their homes thousands of kilometres away, 22-year-old Abner Manzar was at a relief camp in Haryana’s Nuh. Read More
ANALYSIS-As COVID-19 vaccines launch, digital certificates seen deepening inequalities
As COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out worldwide, a push for identity proofs and digital certificates risks excluding poorer and vulnerable groups from vaccination and the benefits that come with it, according to rights experts. India announced guidelines this week for the first phase of vaccinations for about 300 million people, requiring eligible recipients to first register online with photo-identity... Read More

Building future for Differently Abled
Economic Inclusion Technology Hubs are being initiated through Virtual Livelihoods Resource Centre (VLRC) and allied digital tools and platforms for inclusive growth. VLRC is an on-going project in various parts of India and is being undertaken by DEF. 5000 PWDs were identified and reached out and influencers and volunteers from Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, U.P, Maharashtra and M.P were trained.
Digital and Financial Literacy Session at Ghazipur
An Important session on digital and financial literacy was carried out at Ghazipur center under Digital literacy for women and girls’ program, an initiative by United Way of Delhi and Digital empowerment Foundation. The session was attended by community women and covered the importance of digital upskilling in current times. In the increasingly connected world, how digital platforms are becoming the preferred channel used by almost everyone. Session also covered the topic such as use of ATM, internet banking etc.
Digital Classroom in Bawal
Digital Literacy classroom for Government Senior Secondary School in Bawal (Haryana). Digital Empowerment Foundation proposes to setup one digital classrooms in Government Senior Secondary School. The program will act like a catalyst to bridge the digital divide amongst students of various socio-economic and other geographical barriers. The Project aims at empowering rural children through education by facilitating advance digital literacy program. Under the program computer, life skills training, career counseling, online repository for education, health and skill building context will be provided to students. Read More
Building A Digital World: One Rural Women Entrepreneur at A Time
Digital Empowerment Foundation along with USAID-DAI has been successful in setting up a total of 86 Digital Resource Centres (DRCs) across 10 districts of 7 states namely, Nuh, Haryana; West Champaran, Bihar; Barabanki; Uttar Pradesh; Khunti and Ramgarh, Jharkhand. The DRC will be run by Digital Sarthaks who are budding entrepreneurs and they will take the responsibility of skilling 10,000 rural women entrepreneurs and they would also help in providing digital and entitlement services to community at large.
Edging on the success of EDGE Program
The British Council implemented an English and Digital for Girls Education (EDGE) programme in 23 EDGE clubs of 7 states. EDGE programme focuses on improving life prospects and building English, ICT and social skills among adolescent girls between 14 – 19 years. Building on the success of pilot phase, the second phase started in December 2019 with the training of 21 DEF centre coordinators from 23 centres after they were selected and given orientation to Peer Group Leaders (PGLs) of each location Read More
Jyoti Singh: Expression of Humanity
Jyoti Singh from Rewa district is working on RCCE –– The Risk Communication and Community Engagement –– initiative of Digital Empowerment Foundation which aims to reach out to vulnerable and marginalised community members with COVID–19 specific information on preventive measure of the infectious virus and breaking taboo around it. In the difficult such as the pandemic, she continued to put her best efforts to monitor the programme across the 55 centres situated in nine different districts. She is helping women in managing financial stress through providing information opportunities available and incentives for the work. Read More
Learning made easy through STEM
The Education pillar of DEF’s Smartpur project has been focusing on experimental learning for children. Going ahead with the aim of learning through training and experiment, DEF’s Smartpur-project team, Ghazipur conducted one day STEM training of 80 children on 21st January 2021. STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where academic concepts are integrated with real-life lessons. The training was on the subject of electricity, where children got an opportunity to learn about electricity by carrying out small experiments. Read More
Life is Easier with Technologies
Priti, a resident of West Champaran district of Bihar, is a science graduate. She has been using a smartphone but facing difficulties due to the challenge of technical understanding. Digital Empowerment Foundation’s Akhsya helped her in understanding technological advancement with quite an ease. Now, she has masters of using every function of the phone including tools of Google. New technologies have made Priti’s life easier. She is helping her children in learning poems and other educational things. ‘Aaj ka mausam kaisa hai? –– how is the weather today’ asks Priti to the Google assistant.
Chandan’s Journey Sparks a Hope in Humanity
“These services have not only helped marginalized sections to access their entitlements but also proved to be a regular source of income for me,” said Chandan who was a teacher in primary school, and now runs a SoochanPreneur centre in Guna district, Madhya Pradesh. When Chandan –– a sole breadwinner in the family –– joined the Digital Empowerment Foundation, was a little clueless about life. The DEF’s team provided technical training, skills, and infrastructure to start his own venture –– SoochanPreneur –– which provides the relevant Read More
Entrepreneur Sushma!
Sushma Kumari, despite being a graduate, had been jobless and unable to support her family financially. She connected herself with DEF’s projects and earned sufficient money. In the meantime, she was also selected for the ORACLE project and established her own center in her house, for which she got support like laptops for digital literacy classes, printer for digital services, among others and successfully started running digital literacy classes. Her center became a hotspot for digital services, which helped her earn financially as well as reputable standing in the society.
No Barrier Can Stop Us!
Bandana –– born with a locomotive disability –– lost her husband just 3-years after marriage. She was struggling to take care of a child, as she did not have any financial support. Lack of livelihood opportunities in the rural areas only making it difficult as she recalls, “those days were the worst days in my life.” She has to sleep empty stomach for days. Her friend told her about the Samarth SoochnaPreneur Program, which has been working towards facilitating information through technological intervention. Read More
Sudama: A Journey of Inspiration
Despite having physical disability, Sudama is carrying the responsibility of his family by running a small grocery shop in the village. After knowing about Sudama’s struggle, Asha –– a field mobiliser with Digital Empowerment Foundation –– visited his place. After a little hesitation about technology, he promised to join the DEF’s Samarth SoochanPreneur team, which has been working in rural areas. The DEF team provided him training and infrastructure which opened news avenues of opportunity. Sudama, not only has been able to secure decent income, but also earning respect in the communities for helping people.
Organic farming-The Way to Sustainable Development
With the world adopting organic products and practicing more and more organic methods and technique of farming, the DigiKala Barapali team held organic farming workshop with 25 farmers on 2nd February 2021. The agenda of the workshop was to provide training on how organic farming can be done, what all support the government provides to the farmers and how farmers and environment both can benefit from practicing organic method of farming.
Reclaiming the narrative: What farmer protests and Trolley Times tell us about the media’s systemic failure
The ongoing farm agitation seemed to be fighting on two fronts – an existential one against the newly enacted laws, & another against misrepresentation. The latter threatened to become more protracted with the divisive information ecosystem. Asheef Iqubbal from the Research and Advocacy team of DEF went to the protest sites at the periphery of the national capital and wrote about the farmers and their experience with digital and mainstream media. His report ‘Reclaiming the narrative: What farmer protests and Trolley Times tell us about the media’s systemic failure’ was published in the Newslaundry.

Celebrating Womanhood Everyday!!!

A Migrant’s Metamorphosis

Bridging the Digital Divide with Digital Daan- DEF India

Digital Shot in Indian Women Cricket’s Arm
By Tarun Pratap
Research & Advocacy Officer
Digital Empowerment Foundation
Cricket in India is a religion as it is repeatedly said by commentators, experts and fans. Indian men’s cricket team boasts of the biggest fan support in the world and thus enables Indian cricket board to be the biggest financial power in cricket world so much so that other countries have to rely on a series with Indian cricket team to make amends for their financial needs. As much as the progress both in terms of the game and the finances, the men’s cricket team has seen, the Indian women’s cricket team lacks in terms of revenue, support and thus success. Read More
Relief Warrior Nutan Forwards a Helping Hand for Community Sustenance

The Internet Saathi team is committed to provide relief resources and opportunities to all its beneficiaries amid the ongoing pandemic. With the belief that war against Covid-19 can be only won with awareness, empathy and coordination among communities, collective engagement becomes paramount.Nutan Kumari, an Internet Saathi and DEF’s Covid-19 Relief Warrior from Bhagwanpur, Bihar, took up the task of spreading awareness and preventive measures of the disease. Proficient in tailoring, she also stepped up to the responsibility of stitching masks for distribution to every member in her village.While the realisation of the sheer magnitude of her task did scare her, she continued to work tirelessly with the aim of serving the community. Nutan was eventually able to produced hundreds of masks, which were given out in her village by the Internet Saathi team. Soon, her selfless efforts caught the eye of various organisations, who gave her an order of stitching 150 masks. Furthermore, the quality of her masks... Read More

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