DEF is all set to launch the .NGO domain in India

To provide a validated identity to NGOs, eNGO, which has already digitally empowered more than 5,000 grassroots organisations, is feeling honoured to officially launch the .NGO domain for not-for-profits in India, on July 23, 2015, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The eNGO web service package is designed in a way to provide services at a minimal cost that is sustainable and a low-cost solution for grassroots organisations.

mBillionth 2015 jury picks 53 finalists

To label the mobile phone as revolutionary would be an understatement. It has transformed lives like never before, especially for the people at the bottom of the pyramid for whom information was a scarce commodity. Never more is this transformation more evident than in South East Asia, where the mobile has allowed services to be delivered to the 1.5 billion people in the region, many of whom couldn’t be reached through traditional means.