DEF as a Community Radio Facilitator with CEMCA

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) along with partners, including CEMCA envisaged the concept of facilitating establishing community radio, content development and technology facilitation and now also acting as a CR Facilitator Centre and help in applying for Community Radio License Process.

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How not to kill the golden goose?

The Supreme Court’s order that the government must auction all future 2G spectrum has raised the spectre that players will bid so high for spectrum that they will have little to spend on rolling out urgently-needed networks. Cash-strapped players, it is being argued, will have no choice but to punish customers with high tariffs.

DEF & APC’s Recommendations on the Second Universal Periodic Review of India

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and the Association for Progressive Communication have jointly submitted their submission for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) India Human Rights Council. DEF is majorly concerned with the human rights, internet rights and making the internet an effective tool to access right to information in India. DEF believes that the internet plays…

Empowering Women through Mobile

“No longer just a talking tool, women are using the mobile in a diverse number of ways. to stay safe in times of danger, to keep informed on community matters, to manage their finances, to receive regular updates on critical issues from farming to weather, to access much needed help lines, to learn english and…

Empowering Masses through Digital Innovations

” In tune with these times, the upcoming Electronic Service Delivery Bill mandates all government organisations to deliver public services through electronic mode to enhance transparency, efficiency, accountability, accessibility and reliability in delivery of such services.” “The Manthan Award 2011 nominations process generated 450 plus nominations, and thus, we are now a repository of more…