90% of India’s e-waste is recycled informally – when will gov’t policy recognise this? – GISWatch 2010 report – by Divya and Osama Manzar

A new report commissioned by the APC written by Osama Manzar and Divya Menon of the Delhi-based Digital Empowerment Foundation takes a critical look at what is being done in the country to manage e-waste. APCNews talked to co-author Divya Menon. electronics is the fastest growing sector in India and are purchased by about 52…

The Public Interest Registry Partners With the Digital Empowerment Foundation To Bring More India-Based NGOs Online

Reston, Virginia, September 23, 2011 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / -. ORG domain name administrator Public Interest Registry (referred to as “PIR”) program earlier this summer launched in January 2012, new top-level domain. NGO will apply for the management of the domain. Mobilization as part of its ongoing global network of non-governmental organizations and entities part of the plan, PIR has been with the Digital Empowerment Foundation (referred to as “DEF”) co-operation in various parts of India held a series of eNGO seminars, through training programs to help local non- governmental organizations to develop and manage online business. This is a national eNGO program designed to help grassroots organizations in India through information, communication and technology (ICT) in economic and commercial aspects to develop.