Low-cost connectivity solutions fostering openness in times of Covid-19

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the daily routine of people’s lives. On March 25, the government of India announced nationwide lockdown till April 14, 2020, again extended till May 3, 2020, closing schools, offices and public transportation. This crisis ushered in a new era of virtual systems. There are over 40 million migrant labourers across the country and when thousands of migrant workers are going back home in this pandemic, the question arises whether they will be able to educate their children if schools are closed and not connected through the Internet and be able to get basic health facilities or medicines.

Covid-19 Digital Foot Soldier

The Covid-19 crisis is expected to have a lasting economic effect on many low-income communities across the country, especially in rural India. The lockdown led to a halt in the main source of livelihood for many families in villages, making survival tough. Most people struggled to find an alternate source of income and lack of…