Professor Anil Gupta, addressing 2000 digital leaders celebrating grassroots creativity and innovation, highlighted a pivotal shift from traditional knowledge systems that perpetuate marginalisation. He emphasised liberating creativity to foster revolutionary development within grassroots communities. Gupta advocated unfreezing imagination to catalyse figital (frugal digital) innovations, enabling accessibility for farmers, women, and grassroots social entrepreneurs. By transcending economic and social constraints, Anil Gupta underscored the transformative potential of technology to empower marginalised sectors. His address resonated with the imperative of breaking away from conventional paradigms, paving the way for inclusive and innovative ecosystems in village communities. Anil Gupta’s vision prioritised not only technological advancements but also their democratisation, ensuring that digital tools serve as enablers rather than barriers. Through this paradigm shift, he envisaged a future where grassroots innovation flourishes, driving societal progress and inclusivity across India.

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