Internet impact on Indian society

With the help of Internet, some people from grassroots are helping eradicate some of the country’s most pressing socio-economic problems. They are willing to bring about a paradigm shift and are dedicating their lives to better the lives of those under-privileged. Our Team profiles such innovators who are fearlessly working towards upliftment of the society using Internet and are responsible for some of the most interesting initiatives.

How not to kill the golden goose?

The Supreme Court’s order that the government must auction all future 2G spectrum has raised the spectre that players will bid so high for spectrum that they will have little to spend on rolling out urgently-needed networks. Cash-strapped players, it is being argued, will have no choice but to punish customers with high tariffs.

DEF & APC’s Recommendations on the Second Universal Periodic Review of India

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and the Association for Progressive Communication have jointly submitted their submission for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) India Human Rights Council. DEF is majorly concerned with the human rights, internet rights and making the internet an effective tool to access right to information in India. DEF believes that the internet plays…

Internet Rights

The “Internet Rights” is an initiative through which DEF is consistently making an effort to make Internet as a medium to reach the masses, to create even opportunities and linkages between haves and have-nots so that the grassroots knowledge reaches the economic prosperity and vice versa through information communication technology and digital media. With its…