The workshop, co-facilitated by Mr. Nitesh Bhardwaj from Adiwasi Janjagruti and Ms. Anu of Video Volunteers, brought together over 50 participants to explore the transformative potential of community journalism in fostering grassroots leadership. The session focused on leveraging digital tools, to empower individuals to address community issues and amplify their voices on broader platforms.

The session commenced with an overview of the role of community video as a catalyst for social change. Facilitators emphasised how individuals can become changemakers within their communities by harnessing the accessibility and versatility of digital tools, such as smartphones, to document and share local issues. Participants were introduced to case studies and examples illustrating the impact of community video in addressing societal challenges and advocating for change.

Participants were encouraged to share their community issues and perspectives during the workshop. Facilitators provided guidance on how individuals can effectively use community journalism techniques to highlight these issues and hold authorities accountable for their shortcomings. Through interactive discussions and storytelling, participants gained insights into the importance of amplifying local voices and fostering dialogue around pressing community concerns.

The workshop aimed to empower participants to become grassroots leaders and agents of change within their communities. Facilitators provided practical strategies and resources for utilising community video as a tool for advocacy and activism. Participants learned how to effectively document community issues, engage with stakeholders, and leverage digital platforms to amplify their messages and mobilise support for positive change.

Throughout the session, facilitators shared compelling case studies and real-life examples of community-driven initiatives that have successfully utilised community video for social impact. These examples served as inspiration for participants, demonstrating the tangible outcomes that can be achieved through grassroots journalism and collective action.

The workshop gave participants valuable insights and practical tools for leveraging community journalism to address local issues and drive social change. The participants are poised to apply their newfound knowledge and skills to effect meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

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