The Covid-19 pandemic has unimaginably affected social, economic, institutional and governance settings worldwide. It has generated an unparalleled health crisis affecting thousands of people, forcing over 3 billion people to be locked at home.

But, most of the health problems in the world are preventive rather than curative. They don’t require large-scale diagnosis or other health facilities which includes Covid-19. So, we are launching a Covid-19 Information Resource Kit which will complement our on-going Covid-19 Digital Emergency Relief Program.

Covid-19 Information Resource Kit is a crowdsourced resource pool for all verified and important information on corona virus and is available in English and Hindi. It can be used by anyone to guide students, community members and trainers. The kit is a one-stop information repository on facts about corona virus, measures for sound physical and mental health, dos and don’ts during the pandemic but most importantly it addresses the misinformation around the virus.

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