An awareness program on Corona Virus was held at Kuruvimalai, Tamil Nadu, on March 14, 2020 under the Health pillar. Twenty Seven people were in attendance and was conducted by Roselin, the resource person for this program. The reason for conducting awareness camp was to ensure that correct information about corona virus is spread and to generate awareness about preventing health measures. Due to a lot of misinformation available on Social Media and the other platforms, the need for right information to reach the community is a must to prevent any kind of panic situation.

The resource person talked in detail about Corona Virus and covered topics like what is corona virus?, it’s symptoms, prevention and most importantly the correct procedure to wash hands to avoid the spread of the virus.

Roeslin who is also a staff nurse explained the procedure and performed it as well. A women and a child from the crowd were selected to perform the same action to know if they understood well. The following diagram explains the important points on the proper method of hand wash.