The Social Dilemma 2020

The Social Dilemma is an American docudrama movie directed by Emmy Award winning director Jeff Orlowski. The movie talks about the rising impact of the social media applications on human lives. The narrative of the movie follows interviews of former employees of social media organizations like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc…

Blurring boundaries with Social media

With all its pros and cons, social media has been proved to be successful in creating a democratic space in terms of giving platform to people from all walks of life, often blurring the boundaries of what is explored below the rural and urban divide. The prime example of this has to be how one genre of videos — cooking videos — that are operated by the (often most) ‘villagers’ of the country have propped up in just couple of years.

Red Carpet Goes Online

Have you ever been part of an award night? No, Neither I. I never really got to attend those Sahara Awards that my father used to get passes for. But who knew that All That Jazz of the award gala night would become thing of past? Thanks to pandemic, even that has been checked now.