We are the digital designers fighting information poverty

The Legatum Center at MIT has been conducting research on Innovation-driven enterprises (IDE) that are unlocking significant business and societal value by solving systemic problems that conventional business models have not been able to solve. In that research, Legatum Center included the Digital Empowerment Foundation as an example of IDE’s. Following is a compilation from the interviews with Osama Manzar.

Osama Manzar and Digital Empowerment Foundation

It’s interesting that we must share and narrate this story with so many friends throughout time. It is hard to begin with describing who I am, especially when there has been an evolution of thinking and applying and a growth of consciousness over time. One is never the same person they were yesterday, and they will never be the same person tomorrow, in a mixed manner. It could be good or bad.

Making Villages Smart

Jakhopur is a small village near Tijara. As one enters the village one can often be welcomed by camels with a cart tied to them navigating through the narrow lanes of the village. The narrow lanes meet at an intersection where a group of men can be seen sitting and chatting. The dark blue building where they are sitting has a logo that says ‘Smartpur’. Shahrukh Khan came and gave me a warm welcome as I walked towards the blue building. He is the Centre Coordinator for DEF in Tijara block.

Creating Community Leaders in Barabanki

Digital Empowerment Foundation has been working in the district of Barabanki for the last seven years. With one hub center in the village of Saidanpur, DEF has expanded to 60 villages in the district through their entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are digital trainers, digital service providers, weavers, teachers and community leaders who have made community development their primary goal.

The role of the Internet and international Internet-related public policy in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 and possible future pandemics

DEF held a stakeholder’s discussion on “The role of the Internet and international Internet-related public policy in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 and possible future pandemics” on 13th August 2021. The discussion focused on low access and connectivity issues, whether new internet applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) and other platforms can be accelerated to overcome…

The power of Digital Technology

India is a diverse geopolitical and socio-economic country, where a significant population of people are specially abled. The majority of them face economical exclusion, resulting in dependency on others. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the condition of people with disabilities has turned worst and chances of economic inclusion have fallen drastically. There are schemes run by…