South Asia Summit on Social Media for Digital Empowerment

About the Summit
DEF is pleased to announce the inaugural South Asia Summit on Social Media for Digital Empowerment on September 19 and 20, 2013 at the American Center in New Delhi. Fifteen Social Media Gurus from South Asia have come together to join forces, energize and inspire each other and develop exciting sessions on how social media has become a tool for empowerment in their countries and generate workshops for empowering audiences to leverage social media more effectively. Industry experts will also participate in sessions to explore and demystify the changing landscape of social media in the region. Participants have the opportunity of a lifetime to meet and be inspired by regional experts and leaders from business.


  • Hosting a two-day open-to-public summit created by 15 social media gurus from seven different South Asian countries on digital empowerment and the use of social media.
  • Creating a regional South Asian network of social media experts in South Asia to carry out future projects and collaboration.
  • Providing an opportunity to the 15 experts to meet and participate and share best practices of how social media and digital tools have empowered citizens in each of the seven participating countries.
  • Creating a virtual exchange platform for people from South Asia to discuss social media issues and explore working together.
  • Exploring the possibility of organizing periodic summits to meet and share thoughts and experiences on social media for digital empowerment.

Participating Countries

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Who can participate?

Social Media aficionados who are enthusiastic to gain insight from social media experts and willing to share their own ideas and practices as well should attend the summit. This summit will provide all the participants and attendees an opportunity to connect and become a part of social media experts’ network to gain a greater understanding of social and digital media uses as well as share their own best practices and experiences. We encourage government stakeholders, young journalists, activists, professionals, entrepreneurs, civil society, private stakeholders, social media network providers, social media stakeholders, students, experts, and individuals to participate at the Summit.

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