“Hotspots” are the Unconnected People

The “3rd WiFi India Virtual Summit” was organized by Broadband India Forum (BIF) on 22nd January, 2022. Following the decision by the Union Cabinet which approved the setting up of public WiFi networks across India through Public Data Offices (PDOs) without the requirement of license, registration or any other fees in December, 2020 discussions around its implementation and implications have been conducted annually.

Internet for All, but Privacy for Me

“Digital Rights Explored: Local Rights, Global Perspective”, is a podcast series hosted by Media and Information Literacy Expert Network (MILEN) which revolves around some case studies of violations of digital rights across different countries and discussions with the experts from the field on the possible solutions to address the consequences.

Jawabdehi Yatra: A Personal Travelogue

This travelog is about traveling by road, day and night, with people to publicly talk to the government in Rajasthan about the meaning of daily harassment of basic rights of the masses because of the non performance, unaccountability and delayed services that each and every government official must provide as per the constitutional right of the country.

Promoting Community Driven Policies

Digital Empowerment Foundation’s journey of 19 years, since 2002, has shown how they have taken a community driven approach in all of their policies. All along, they also advised several wings of the government to formulate community oriented policies and programmes. A democracy is for the people, by the people and of the people.

Circular Economy – Making good of what goes around, comes around

As the world is turning more digital every passing day, the problem of e-waste also increases. The increasing use of electronic devices and rapid development in these devices means there is more electronic waste lying outside the cities especially in the developing world. The number of new digital goods sold annually worldwide is over six billion, and it is increasing at a rapid pace.

How Free is the Media?

Despite being considered a cornerstone of democracies, media, has also played an active role in stoking ethnic killings, and genocide. Indian media is mirroring behavioural patterns under the garb of freedom of speech by stoking hatred against minorities as evident in the recent past. This complex dilemma of freedom of speech and abuse of power needs to be addressed on a large platform like RightsCon to ideate solutions.