om-150x150Osama Manzar is the Founder-Director of Digital Empowerment Foundation and Chair of Manthan and mBillionth Awards. He is member, advisory board, at Alliance for Affordable Internet and has co-authored NetCh@kra–15 Years of Internet in India and Internet Economy of India. He tweets @osamamanzar. Manzar’s complete bio can be read here.

Culture Ethnologue India Language Talking Dictionary How digital tools can help in the preservation of our languages

This article was first published by Mint on April 27, 2018. There are close to 7,100 living languages in the world but as many as 90% of them are spoken by less than 100,000 people in the world, according to Ethnologue, an annual publication on world languages. In India, where there are more than 780…


Digital Literacy Employment Information Jobs RTI Unemployment What is the future of jobs?

This article was first published in the Mint on July 26, 2017. Early life on the planet was self-sustainable, that is how nature and humans coexisted. If someone needed shelter, they built a home with resources indigenously available to them. If someone was hungry, they hunted for food in their vicinity. Over a period of…


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